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Shapeways FUD Casting Info

You can now buy castings in karat gold directly from Shapeways.  This is faster and better than trying to cast this FUD resin material.  So before you order FUD material to cast your own consider ordering the casting finished. Contact us if you do not find the listing of the material you want. We will try to upload and activeate the material option at shapeways.

But if you want to try to cast your own please follow these instructions.  Not at resin materials will cast 100% of the time.  So buyer beware of casting results and problems.

If you order a Frosted Ultra Detailed:

This model when ordered in Frosted Ultra Detailed is for the person who wants to cast the ring in gold, silver, or platinum at their local jeweller’s. What you would do is the following:

  1. Order here from ShapeWays this model in Frosted Ultra Detailed. 
  2. Once you receive your order you would take this model to your local jewellers along with the list of stone that can fit into this model.
  3. Your jeweller will give you a price to complete this model into a ring of metal and stones of your choose
  4. Please pass on this IMPORTANT NOTE to your jeweller. The model that comes from ShapeWays needs to be cleaned in his ultrasonic cleaner and then blown dry (do not use a steamer) to completely remove all support matters used in the growing process before sending to casting. If the model is not completely cleaned the casting may not come out correctly.

Directions for your jeweller on casting FUD (Frosted Ultra Detailed) materials:

  • Gently clean the FUD model with light soap and water in a ultra sonic cleaner to remove any oils or support material left from the model growing process.
  • Clean the area of your FUD model where you attach the sprue with alcohol
  • Sprue the parts on the tree in a normal fashion.
  • Use a Platinum Investment.  ( Execellent results have been seen using Ransom & Randolph Platinum Investment called "Platinum Investment and Binder")
  • Use the regular directions for flask preparation, investing.
  • With regard to burnout, follow the enclosed plaster manufactures directions to the temperature of 1600 degrees F (871 degrees C) and then raise the oven to 1850 f for an additional 4 hours. Make sure that your burnout ovens are capable of maintaining this temperature.
  • It is advisable to have good air flow during burnout. With ovens that can maintain an atmosphere, try to keep the oxygen level between 12 and 18 percent..
  • Before casting, you can bring the temperature back to casting metal temperature and blow the flask with compressed air ( recommended) than cast.

Hope this helps to make the casting easier.

If your jeweller has a problem with this casting method he can make a rubber mould of the FUD for about $20.00 than us the normal wax injection process to product a castable wax. Other members of ShapeWays have used this method to product silver castings.  Check out this link.

If your jeweller has a problem casting the FUD model you supply pass on this information about how to make a rubber mould without heat or pressure. Your jeweller will be able to get this material from his tool suppler such as Stuller.com or locate dealers. 



For more information with regard to casting and moulding printed items of jewellery you may find this information of great help.

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